‘Tis the Season….for Champagne and Oysters!

The Holiday season is built on traditions.  It is a time for honoring old customs passed down from generation to generation, such as trimming the tree or pictures with Santa.  It is also about creating new traditions with those you love.   One of my favorite new traditions is holiday shopping in Boston, breaking only for champagne and oysters.

Champagne and Oysters

Champagne and Oysters at B&G

Let’s face it, nothing says let’s celebrate like a delicious glass of bubbly.  It is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season (and also the perfect way to make it through throngs of shopping crowds.)

So, 3 years ago my boyfriend and I kicked off our first holiday season together with Christmas shopping and Champagne and Oysters.  It has now become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  This year we went to B&G Oysters, a neighborhood oyster bar on Tremont Street in the South End.



We have been to B&G several times and their selection of fresh oysters varies each time we visit.    The food is always very fresh and atmosphere is cozy and pleasant.  And by cozy I do mean small, as are most of the restaurants in the South End.  The kitchen is situated in the middle of the restaurant, so you can easily watch your food be prepared from any seat in the restaurant.  In the summer months they also open their small patio to diners.

We ordered the champagne and two of each type of oysters on the daily menu.  They give you a daily oyster card listing that day’s fresh selections.   We use the card to mark our favorites so we don’t forget, although my favorite oysters are always from Washington State.  They have a hint of watermelon taste that lingers pleasantly on your palate well after you have finished the last one.

Our Favorites

Our Favorites

We also shared the B.L.T. with lobster.  The bacon is thick cut and cooked perfectly, and the lobster is tossed with a light lemon sauce that melded all the delicious tastes perfectly. Even the coleslaw on the side was delicious, not heavy on the mayo, just light and tasty.

BLT with Lobster. Bacon makes everything better :-)

BLT with Lobster. Bacon makes everything better :-)

B & G Oysters
550 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02116

B & G Oysters on Urbanspoon

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