Unlimited Mimosas….Need I Say More?

Mmmmmmmimosas!  Mimosas = happy place. So 2 hours of bottomless mimosas at Zocalo is pure bliss.  They really do it right, instead of ordering your favorite flavor by the glass they bring it to you by the carafe.  No waiting for the next pour, it’s already on the table (heck, who even needs a glass?)

For $35 you get two hours of unlimited mimosas and whichever brunch item catches your eye.  Choose from OJ, peach, elderflower, raspberry, apricot, or strawberry mixers.  They time your 2 hours pretty carefully, so make sure you put in your last order before time is up.

The mimosas come by the carafe.

Bostonian (elderflower) and strawberry by the carafe

Oh yeah, and the food is tasty too.  I ordered the molletes con huevos con chorizo, which is toasted bread piled with pinto beans, jack cheese, scrambled eggs, chorizo, salsa and avocado.  Basically, a pile of Mexican awesomeness.  The other brunch items to choose from include huevos rancheros, chicken enchiladas, Mexican hotcakes and more.  And don’t forget to order the guacamole.  Zocalo makes their guac to order and it doesn’t get much better here in Boston.

molletes con huevos con chorizo

molletes con huevos con chorizo

Zocalo also has a large patio, so on a beautiful weekend like this who wouldn’t want to sit outside and drink mimosas for two hours straight?

Zocalo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar on Urbanspoon
Zocalo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar
35 Stanhope Street
Boston, MA 02116

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